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March 17, 2007

Help Solve the KISS Alive Forever Mysteries

The authors of KISS Alive Forever are looking to speak with anyone who has any information on the following KISS gigs, or may know someone who does. Anyone with information that helps solve the various mysteries surrounding these gigs will be included in the acknowledgments of the forthcoming second edition of KISS Alive Forever.

  • May 2, 1974 at Thunder Chicken, Grand Rapids, Michigan. We are looking for information confirming that this gig happened. KISS was opening for Argent.
  • July 21, 1974 at Martin's East Wind, Baltimore, Maryland. We are looking for information confirming the date and venue of this gig. KISS most likely was opening for another band at this show, but who the headliner may have been is unknown.

We are looking for information on the opening acts for all of the following gigs:

  • October 17, 1974 at Thunder Chicken, Grand Rapids, Michigan.
  • October 21 & 22, 1974 at The Brewery-Michigan State University, East Lansing, Michigan.
  • August 9, 1975 at the Palace Theatre, Albany, New York.
  • January 23, 1976 at the Erie County Fieldhouse, Erie, Pennsylvania.
  • March 13, 1976 at Expo Hall @ Mobile Municipal Auditorium, Mobile, Alabama

April 1, 2006

Official comment on Destroyer 30th Anniversary Deluxe Edition press release.

In the past 24 hours a press release has been circulating on several of the more popular KISS Web sites regarding the forthcoming release of something called the Destroyer 30th Anniversary Deluxe Edition CD set.

We are named in the press release along with Ken Sharp as contributors to this set, despite the fact that none of the three of us has heard anything about the project. While it's not our intent to squash interest in such releases, we must categorically state that neither Ken Sharp nor we have any involvement in this CD set and the entire press release is nothing more than an elaborate hoax.

Curt and Jeff

February 14, 2006

Author and First KISS Roadie Auctioning Vintage KISS Memorabilia.

Former KISS soundman Eddie Solan and Curt Gooch (co-author of KISS Alive Forever and a contributing editor for The Official KISS Magazine) are auctioning off several lots of KISS memorabilia at this location.

KISS items up for auction include stage-worn costume pieces, a Paul Stanley “stage-broken” guitar from 1979, the first KISS red siren beacon from 1973, various 1970s paper goods, autographs, and even a 1976 handwritten postcard from original KISS guitarist Ace Frehley.

To view photos of the items being auctioned click http://www.kissaliveforever.com/press1. The auction ends at 5:00 P.M. EST, on Sunday, February 26.

July 28, 2004

From Curt and Jeff:

New KISS Book! KISS – Out On The Streets 1973–76

Four people who played a huge role in making our first book such a success are J.R. Smalling, Peter Oreckinto, Mick Campise, and Rick Munroe. Some of those names may be familiar to you (Peter and J.R. even appear in VH-1's When KISS Ruled the World—see news item below); they were four members of KISS's original roadcrew, and KISS – Out On The Streets 1973–76 is their story.

Back in September 2002, the six of us got together at a hotel in Boston and spent the better part of 24 hours straight recording dozens of amazing stories from the road. Sometimes hilarious, often harrowing, J.R., Moose (Peter's long-time road handle), Mick, and Rick told us countless tales that we had never heard before. We thought we'd heard it all...and we were wrong.

KISS – Out On The Streets 1973–76 takes you back to the clubs, to the endless tour that began KISS's career, the grind, the trenches, the grunt-work, the very foundation of everything that was to come later. We were captivated by what J.R., Moose, Mick, and Rick told us. The full story of KISS's rise to fame from their side of the flames is mostly untold to this day—filled with success and despair, broken promises, sex, drugs, mob-tied investors, and even an unresolved murder. Out On The Streets will feature many sidebar stories, dozens of unseen pictures from that era, and a host of other surprises.

Currently, there is no release date for Out On The Streets, but it should be ready for publication by Summer 2005.

If anyone has any photos specific to that era that they would like to contribute, or has any questions about Out On The Streets, please feel free to contact us anytime at questions@kissaliveforever.com

VH-1's When KISS Ruled the World

For those of you who may have missed last Saturday's premiere of When KISS Ruled the Worldwhich featured an interview with KISS Alive Forever co-author Curt Gooch—be sure to check it out the encore presentation Friday at Noon Eastern on VH-1.

July 21, 2004

Lost 1973 KISS Photos to be included in VH-1 special this Saturday

Several newly-discovered KISS photos from 1973 will be unveiled for the first time Saturday when VH-1 premieres When KISS Ruled The World.

Over 100 color slides of the band were recently discovered by KISS Alive Forever co-author Curt Gooch in a New York basement belonging to a former KISS roadie. The images show KISS auditioning for Casablanca Records President Neil Bogart in a ballet studio, rehearsing at the Fillmore East with and without makeup, and recording their landmark debut album at Bell Sound Studios in November of 1973.

Curt and his KISS Alive Forever co-author Jeff Suhs are currently working on a follow up to their 2002 Billboard Books release and will include as many of the newly discovered 1973 KISS photos as possible in their new book, which is tentatively titled KISS Out On The Streets 1973 – 1976.

When KISS Ruled The World premieres on VH-1 this Saturday at 11:00 P.M. EST.

August 9, 2003

Curt and Jeff will be appearing tomorrow as special guests at the 10th Annual Detroit KISS Expo.

Detroit KISS Expo -- This Weekend!

From www.geocities.com/kissdetroitexpo

Sunday, August 10, 2003
11:00 AM – 7:00 PM
Double Tree Hotel
31500 Wick Rd., Romulus, MI 48174
I-94/Merriman Exit near the Detroit Metro Airport

The 10th Annual Detroit KISS Expo is coming up tomorrow, August 10. This is expected to be the biggest KISS Detroit Expo in years, so be sure to contact the Double Tree hotel, (734) 467-8000, for your accommodations now. Ask for the special KISS Expo rate. Dealers still interested in securing a table at the convention, please contact Joe Marshall at PhotoJoes@aol.com or (734) 658-5477, ASAP. All dealers welcome.

Long time Detroit Expo promoter Joe Marshall has blitzed the Detroit media with promotion, as radio ads are running on a near hourly basis, with heavy local print coverage as well. Detroit station 106.7 The Drive will be broadcasting live from the expo throughout the day, and will be giving away a pair of tickets for the sold out KISS/Aerosmith show at Comerica Park on Friday, August 15. Last year's event drew over 400 people with nearly no promotion, and that number is expected to more than double for this year's event, due to the expo's heavy promotion and the hype surrounding the upcoming Comerica Park concert.

If you're tired of the same guests appearing at every KISS convention over and over, then this expo is the cure. The 10th Annual Detroit KISS Expo features a totally fresh roster of guests and attractions:

—How would you like to finally see the breathtaking video of the December 1977 Alive II show from Largo, Maryland, or see the only live footage of Paul Stanley wearing his rare Bandit make-up?

JUST ADDED: Maybe incredibly rare KISS audio is your thing. Live concert soundboards from KISS's June 1973 appearances at The Daisy will be featured, as will an August 1973 rehearsal at Le Tang's Ballet Studio in NY. And a 1973 recording of the often discussed but never heard KISS song "Life In The Woods" will be a major highlight.

—KISS Alive Forever authors Curt Gooch and Jeff Suhs will be hosting the Detroit premier of all the aforementioned audio and video displays and their half hour KISS Alive Forever Promo FIlm. The authors will be doing a Q & A session, and will be selling and signing copies of their landmark book.

[This will be the final public broadcast of the KISS Alive Forever Promo Film, and recording the audio/video portions of their appearance will not be allowed. The promo film will not be sold or released EVER, so if you want to see it, be sure to attend the Detroit Expo, it's now or never.]

—Jay "Hot Sam" Barth and Chuck Elias, KISS road crew members from 1974-79 will be making their first KISS Expo appearances and are sure to share some jaw-dropping behind the scenes stories of life on the road with KISS in the 1970s.

JUST ADDED: As a special exclusive, Warner Books has donated 50 mylar promo posters for the forthcoming official KISS bio, KISS: Behind the Mask. This 20" x 26" poster is a gorgeous promotional item that harkens back to the vintage KISS mylar posters of the '70s, and they will be given away to the first 50 people in line. Promo flats for KISS Alive Forever, will also be given away at the door.

—In keeping with the vintage KISS era theme, the Expo will feature a comprehensive 1975-76 Alive! era museum, including all four original members costumes, vintage posters, Peter Criss's 1975 drum kit and more.

—Detroit's own KISS tribute band, War Machine will be performing.

—A KISS look-a-like contest.

—More guests and events to be announced.

Tickets are only $12 in advance via Ticketmaster (248) 645-6666 or through www.ticketmaster.com.

June 19, 2003

Curt and Jeff will be special guests at the upcoming 10th Annual Detroit KISS Expo on August 10th. Full details are available in the press release below.

From Joe Marshall / www.geocities.com/kissdetroitexpo

For Immediate Release:

From the city that launched KISS to superstardom, announcing the 10th Annual Detroit KISS Expo.

Sunday, August 10, 2003
11:00 AM - 7:00 PM
Double Tree Hotel
I-94/Merriman Exit near the Detroit Metro Airport

*** Be sure to ask for the special KISS Expo rate (734) 467-8000 ***

Special Guests include:

KISS Alive Forever authors Curt Gooch and Jeff Suhs will be hosting the Detroit premiere of the KISS Alive Forever promo film, featuring 30 minutes of exclusive, never-seen-before footage of KISS live from 1974–1996, including the earliest known KISS footage in existence, from January 1974 with Paul performing in the Bandit makeup and much, much more. Copies of KISS Alive Forever will be available for sale, and a Q & A session with the authors will also be included.

Note: The KISS Alive Forever promo film will never be sold and the only way to see it is by attending the Detroit KISS Expo. Since this is the last expo appearance for Curt and Jeff while promoting KISS Alive Forever, this is the final time that their amazing promo film will ever be screened in public. Be sure not to miss it.

Jay "Hot Sam" Barth and Chuck Elias, KISS road crew members from 1974-1979 will be making their very first KISS Expo appearances and sharing some amazing behind the scenes stories of life on the road with KISS in the 1970s. They will each do exclusive Q & A's where you can find out the real stories behind recording the band for ALIVE! and talk about what happened with Peter on the Dynasty Tour. Jay Barth worked as KISS's soundman from 1974-1976 and Chuck Elias was Peter Criss' drum tech from the Summer '76 Tour through the Out Of Control album in 1980.

Other features include:

—A 1975/76 Alive! Tour museum showcasing all four full original KISS costumes used on the Alive! Tour, original concert posters from the tour, drums from Peter Criss's 1975-era kit and more.

—Detroit's best KISS tribute band: War Machine will perform!


—A look-a-like contest
—Door prizes
—More events to be announced

Tickets are only $12 in advance via Ticketmaster (248) 645-6666 or through www.ticketmaster.com.

For more information, call the Detroit Expo Hotline at: (734) 658-KISS {5477} or visit the Expo web site at: www.geocities.com/kissdetroitexpo.

May 20, 2003

From: Ear Candy

"KISS Alive Forever is one of those rare rock ‘n roll books by which all others in the future will be measured. It is exhaustive in its scope and execution, while never reading 'dry' like a mere book of facts. This book is in the same league as 'The Beatles Live' by Mark Lewisohn."

Read the full review and the interview with co-author Curt Gooch.

May 16, 2003

KISS Alive Forever Contributor Mike Naimoli Foils Crime

From: Lotus Notes


It's unknown if Clark Kent inspired Verizon employee Mike Naimoli's actions earlier this week, but the New York Police Department appreciates his super effort just the same. Naimoli, a Brooklyn, N.Y. field technician for the Enterprise Solutions Group, was en route to repair a New York State Lottery kiosk when he saw two men outside a Chase Manhattan bank attempting to wrestle a deposit bag out of a customer's hands. When the bag tore, the assailants ran, leaving the customer to retrieve money that was scattering in the wind. Naimoli followed the two men to a car that they failed to start and then through a nearby neighborhood as they fled on foot. Naimoli called 911 and helped direct police officers to the place where the two men were eventually apprehended. The NYPD commended Naimoli for heroism and his commitment to service - public service, in this case.

KISS Alive Forever Officially Sanctioned By KISS?

Remarkable as it seems, according to a Radio Crow's Entertainment News report last August, KISS Alive Forever was actually released with the full approval of Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley. Wonder if they're expecting a royalty check any time soon? Read on:

Everlasting KISS: Aug 20, 2002 - Gene Simmons is one lucky guy. He loves his work, and he gets paid gazillions to live out his fantasies. With that in mind, understand why KISS won't be breaking-up anytime soon.

Following the never-ending farewell tour, the duo of Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley find themselves making too much money to stop now. Ace Frehley and Peter Criss are on call, though some new recordings made by Simmons and Stanley under the KISS moniker, feature session musicians to fill in the holes.

Now, Simmons and Stanley are releasing a new book, KISS Alive Forever: The Complete Touring History.

The book, allegedly seven years in the making, was compiled by Curt Gooch and Jeff Suhs, with the approval of Simmons and Stanley. The book features over 175 color photos from the band's nearly 30-year career.

Those Polaroids taken by Simmons of all the women he's slept with are not included.

KISS Alive Forever: The Complete Touring History hits the book stores on October 22 to cash in on the Christmas - or should we say KI$$mas - shopping season.

May 8, 2003

From www.loubrutus.net

"LB’s Groveling Lauded In New KISS Concert Tome

In 1996, as the world waited breathlessly for news of a KISS reunion, 'the fuse was lit' by Lou Brutus. So says Curt Gooch and Jeff Suhs, co-authors of the new book KISS Alive Forever. According to this phenomenal new book 'Brutus groveled, demanded, and implored' for confirmation until KISS bassist Gene Simmons broke into an impromptu version of 'Young At Heart' singing, 'fairy tales can come true, it can happen to you…' Many thanks to Curt and Jeff for the kind mention. If you’re a KISS fan this book is a must."

Be sure to stop by the Music Dish site and read Matthew Robinson's review of KISS Alive Forever.

Excerpt: "You wanted the best - You got the best.

And with KISS Alive Forever, you get more of it than you may have ever thought possible (or even more than you ever wanted)." Read the entire review here.

April 25, 2003

Be sure to tune into VH1 this weekend for the premiere of the "ALIVE!" episode of Ultimate Albums. Curt and Jeff were interviewed for the show and will appear in the final cut several times each. A sneak preview broadcast airs Saturday, April 26 at 1PM EDT, and the premiere follows later that evening at 10PM EDT. Several more broadcasts follow.

For more information on the show, please visit the show's official site at: VH1 Ultimate Albums: ALIVE!

April 16, 2003

For those who may be interested in attending, a memorial service for Sean Delaney will be held this weekend. Services are open to the public and they will be held at the Provo Marriott, 101 W. 100 North in Provo , Utah this Saturday, April 19th at 10 AM. For those wishing to send flowers, they should be scheduled to arrive by 9AM Saturday.

April 14, 2003

As many of you have heard by now, Sean Delaney passed away on Sunday morning (April 13) at the too young age of 58.

It's encouraging to us to read all the comments online detailing just how willing Sean was to sit down with the fans and discuss the early days of KISS, and his involvement with the band.

Sean played a very important role in KISS's formative years, that much is becoming commonly known among the KISS fanbase and it's recognition which he richly deserves.

But on a more personal level, Sean was also a very important part of KISS Alive Forever. He would often sit on the phone with Curt or myself and discuss KISS's history for hours and hours, making sure every detail of the book was as accurate as he could make it. He cared that much.

Just like the KISS personalities that he helped to create, Sean was a larger than life character who always shot from the hip. We felt privileged to get to know Sean and very indebted to him for his contributions to our book and the support he provided over the years. Dedicating the book to him seemed like the least we could do.

His motto adorns the T-shirt of one of the characters in the original KISS comic, and it seems like an apt elegy for Sean: "Play hard, play fair, nobody hurt."

He will be missed.

Jeff and Curt

April 7, 2003

Be sure to pick up the latest copy of Classic Rock magazine (the issue with Axl Rose on the cover) and read the very positive review they gave KISS Alive Forever.

March 9, 2003

From Jeff:

Hey Everyone,

Just got back from NYC after having spent the last 48 hours participating in, and being interviewed for, VH1 Ultimate Album's forthcoming special on KISS Alive! (Curt will be taping an interview for the show, too; more details on that shortly.)

I'm more than happy to report that I think everyone is going to be amazed by the show. Dave Cunningham (producer) and Ken Sharp (interviews, consultant and man of about 1,000 other hats) and co. have really come up with some great stuff so far.

I was privileged enough to be able to have Ken interview me for about 45 minutes on Friday, and also got to sit in on a 75 minute interview with JR Smalling. While I hopefully had a few things of interest to add, JR's interview in particular was incredible. JR shared a host of interesting stories with Ken and the rest of the VH1 crew, including an in-depth account of the origin of JR's famous "You wanted the best intro..."

Perhaps the most riveting moment of JR's interview came at the end when JR did four takes of his KISS concert intro exclusively for the Alive! Ultimate Albums episode. Suffice it to say, that even though it's been 25+ years since he's done it, JR delivered the goods; he practically blew us all out the back wall of the room! Tune in when the episode airs, and you'll definitely see what I mean.

Overall, a lot of hardcore fans will be happy to hear that the list of people that VH1 has interviewed for the special is very fresh, and beyond JR, they've spoken with people like Larry Harris and Jaan Uhleszki. Don't know who they are? Good, tune in, you'll find out.

And that's just the interviews. Ken, Dave and the gang have a great collection of multimedia they've assembled, a lot of which we've never seen or heard before, including quite a bit of unseen footage from the 1975 era, as well as clips taken directly from the 16-track master tapes of Alive! This isn't the stereo 2-track of the final version, but the SOURCE material from the five concerts used for Alive!

All in all, I think we're in for a very entertaining, and fresh look at an album and era that has held our attention for decades. Should be great!

More updates to come. But for now, big kudos to VH1 for really aiming to satisfy the whole KISS fanbase.


February 18, 2003

From Curt and Jeff:

A big vote of thanks goes to Phil Elliott for making last weekend's 10th Annual Atlanta KISS Expo such a resounding success. We both appreciated the opportunity to meet with so many of the expo's attendees.

Phil also afforded us the chance to do a brief Q & A session with the crowd, and to feature our newly re-edited 35 minute promotional film which showcased the earliest KISS footage in existence, shot on January 26, 1974 at the Academy of Music in New York. This is the only film in existence of Paul Stanley in the Bandit makeup.

It was pleasure to meet the many KISS fans who stopped by the KISS Alive Forever table to chat with us, talk about the book, or ask about the unique contents of the promotional film.

A quick thanks also to Jacques van Gool for his assistance.

Thanks again to Phil for his hospitality, and we look forward to seeing everyone at several other KISS Expos in the near future.  

February 14, 2003

From Jeff Suhs:

For those of you in the Georgia region this weekend, be sure to make plans to attend the 10th Annual Atlanta KISS Expo.

Curt and I will be amongst several special guests appearing at the event. After doing a brief Q & A, we'll be showcasing never-seen-before live footage of KISS, most of it from the 1970s, including the earliest footage of KISS in existence, featuring Paul Stanley in the Bandit makeup from January 26, 1974. Lots of other unique 1970s footage is included in this presentation, but it will not be available for sale, so if you want to see it, the Atlanta KISS Expo is the place to be.

Here are the full details:

10th Anniversary Atlanta KISS Expo
Sunday, February 16, 2003 (Valentine's Weekend!) 11AM – 9PM at
The Atlanta Hilton Northeast (5993 Peachtree Industrial Boulevard North) in Norcross, Georgia

We'll have plenty of copies of KISS Alive Forever available, so be sure to stop by to say hi. We look forward to seeing you there.

February 11, 2003

Curt is appearing today on WCWP 88.1FM out of Long Island State University for an interview. The interview will be broadcast on the station's web site between 10 and 11PM EST, Thursday February 20th. Click here to link to the WCWP site.

February 10, 2003

Jeff will be a guest on Backstage Live! with Joe Scheibinger today.  Those in the central Wisconsin region can tune in at 11:10AM CST on KFIZ 1450AM.

February 3, 2003

Head on over to the Counter Culture web site to read Sion Smith's great review of KISS Alive Forever.

February 2, 2003

One of the six KISS Alive Forever mysteries has been solved! Recently, Curt and Jeff unearthed some official paperwork that brought to light some unknown information about KISS's planned appearance in Paris at Le Hippodrome de Pantin on October 16, 1980. While this previously unknown show was scheduled and advertised, it has now been confirmed that the concert was canceled on October 13, 1980. One mystery down, five to go.

Click here to read about the other five KISS Alive Forever mysteries.

January 30, 2003

Today, to celebrate the 30th anniversary of KISS's debut concert, Metal Sludge interviewed KISS Alive Forever co-author Curt Gooch. Be sure to stop by the Metal Sludge site to read the Q & A. Kudos and thanks go to the guys at Metal Sludge for giving us the opportunity to answer some questions and for helping to promote the book.

January 29, 2003

Jack Roberts of Cable Radio News was kind enough to interview one of the KISS Alive Forever co-authors. He interviewed Jeff back in late September, and today at 10:10AM EST Jack will be conducting a brief interview with Curt Gooch. CRN is syndicated nationwide to over 26 million people, so check your local listings!

December 15, 2002

Be sure to head over to Underground Online's web site to check out Dan Epstein's interview with Jeff Suhs. Click here to read the transcript.

December 13, 2002

Win FREE Copies of KISS Alive Forever: Help Solve the Mysteries

Can you solve the KISS concert mysteries? The authors of KISS Alive Forever need your help.

Even after spending seven years researching their book KISS Alive Forever, some facts have proven to be elusive to its authors, Curt Gooch and Jeff Suhs, and they are seeking your help. If you can correctly solve any of the five KISS Alive Forever mysteries listed below, you will receive two autographed copies of the book, personally signed by the authors, free of charge.

Here are the mysteries; and remember, if you can't answer any yourself, you might know someone who can. Good luck!

1. KISS may have performed in the Washington D.C./Baltimore area on July 21, 1974.

KISS most likely were opening for another band. If you have any information on this show please contact the authors.

2. Who opened KISS's August 9, 1975, Dressed To Kill Tour concert in Albany, New York's Palace Theatre?

3. Who opened KISS's January 23, 1976, Alive! Tour show in Erie, Pennsylvania's Erie County Fieldhouse?

4. Who opened KISS's March 12, 1976, Alive! Tour gig in New Orleans, Louisiana at A Warehouse?

5. Who opened KISS's March 13, 1976, Alive! Tour show in Mobile, Alabama? This concert took place in the Expo Hall at Mobile's Municipal Auditorium.

6. Who performed with KISS during their last minute Unmasked Tour appearance at Paris' Le Hippodrome de Pantin on October 16, 1980? MYSTERY SOLVED! According to recently uncovered official paperwork, KISS's scheduled appearance in Paris on October 16, 1980 was canceled three days prior to the show.

If you have any information on these mysteries, please submit your response to the authors at: questions@kissaliveforever.com

December 4, 2002

Curt and Jeff will be appearing as special guests at Kreatures of the South's 10th Anniversary Atlanta KISS Expo, Sunday, February 16, 2003. The expo runs from 11AM to 9PM and is being held at The Atlanta Hilton Northeast (5993 Peachtree Industrial Boulevard North) in Norcross, Georgia. Their KISS Alive Forever promo film, which was such a resounding success at the Baltimore KISS Expo in October, will again be featured.  More details to follow.

Also, be sure to check out Julian Gill's excellent review of the book—as well as his interview with Curt and Jeff—at his website: www.kissfaq.com

November 21, 2002

Dream Theater drummer Mike Portnoy was talking up the book with Eddie Trunk today on the syndicated broadcast of Eddie's show on KNAC.com. Many thanks to Eddie for his continued support of the book

Also, be sure to check out KISS Album Focus author Julian Gill's great review of KISS Alive Forever at his web site KISSFAQ.com

November 16, 2002

Curt will be doing an interview with www.thetourbus.com tonight at 9:40PM Eastern. The show airs in several markets beginning at 9PM, and is rebroadcast over the Internet on Monday and Wednesday at 9PM Eastern.

November 13, 2002

Jeff will be appearing on KLRQ at 8:45 EST tomorrow morning.  Listeners in the Kansas City area can tune in to the Breakfast Brothers show on Thursday, for a 10 minute interview with Jeff.

November 11, 2002

Melodic Rock has a short piece on KISS Alive Forever's best-seller status. Click here (and scroll down) for details.

Also be sure to check out the latest reviews of the book:



Books of the Month

November 8, 2002

In the fifth week since its release, KISS Alive Forever sits at #4 on BookScan's Music/Entertainment charts.

November 2, 2002

Curt will be appearing on KNAC out of Los Angeles at 8PM Pacific time.  Tune in online at the above link.

November 1, 2002

Fourth week on the charts, and KISS Alive Forever is still doing great: #3 best-seller in the country on BookScan's Music/Entertainment charts!

October 31, 2002

Happy Halloween.

Jeff will be making two radio appearances today.  The first interview is with Greg Gattine on WDST-FM out of Woodstock, New York, and is scheduled for a 8:15AM start time.

The second interview will be with Tom Edwards of STLRadio, in Des Peres, Missouri, a suburb of St. Louis. The interview is being taped and will air at various points during the week of November the 4th.  We'll post the details as soon as we get them.

October 25, 2002

For the second week in a row, KISS Alive Forever is the #2 best-selling Music/Entertainment book in the country, according to the BookScan charts!

October 24, 2002

Curt will be a guest on Mark Snyder's show on WJMX in Stoughton, Massachusetts. Tune in at Noon Eastern for the interview.

October 20, 2002

Jeff will be doing an interview on "The Allan Handelman Show" this evening. The interview is scheduled to start at 10PM Eastern time and will be archived on Allan's site in a few weeks. Check out Allan's archives occasionally for updates: Allan Handelman Archives

October 19, 2002

From Curt and Jeff:

We both wanted to give a huge vote of thanks to Eddie Trunk for having us on his radio show last night. Initially, the interview was scheduled to run for just 15 minutes, but the interview went so well and so many people were calling in to speak with us that Eddie graciously had us on for the entire hour between Midnight and 1AM.

Eddie has been a huge supporter of the book thus far, and we are very appreciative of his efforts on our behalf. Be sure to listen to Eddie's show in the coming days, as he has many copies of KISS Alive Forever to give away over the air.

Be sure to stop by Eddie's site and check out the Trunk Report.

October 18, 2002

KISS Alive Forever is the #2 best-selling Music/Entertainment book in the country, according to BookScan's charts. Only the Beatles' Anthology currently outpaces it!!

Curt and Jeff will be appearing on "The Eddie Trunk Show" on WNEW in New York. Listeners can tune in at Midnight Eastern time for the interview, after which the authors will be fielding calls from the listening audience. Eddie will also be giving away free copies of the book on the air, so be sure to tune in.

October 17, 2002

Jeff is appearing on Steve Ponchaud's show on WIMK-FM in Bear Mountain, Michigan. The interview will be broadcast on October 19.

October 14, 2002

From Curt and Jeff:

First and foremost, we'd like to thank George DeCampo who did such an outstanding job organizing and running last weekend's KISS Expo in Baltimore. Despite the fact that KISS has been relatively dormant of late, and concerns over the ongoing sniper attacks in the area, the Baltimore expo was a resounding success. Not only did George succeed in getting 600 people in the door, but the audience stayed throughout the course of the day, a real rarity for a KISS expo.

George graciously set up a table for KISS Alive Forever, and it was a real treat for us to finally meet and talk to many of the KISS fans who attended the convention. We did a short but fun Q & A, which was followed up by the debut of our 35 minute promo film for the book.

The promo film featured many never-before-seen clips of the band, including what is the earliest known footage in existence, from KISS's January 26, 1974 show at the Academy of Music in Manhattan. Paul did the gig in his Bandit makeup, and considering that Paul did only three shows with that makeup, it's likely that this is the only footage that will ever surface featuring him in the Bandit design.

Thanks for having us, George and we look forward to next year's convention.

October 11, 2002

Our first week on the charts! According to BookScan's sales charts for the Music/Entertainment category, KISS Alive Forever is the #9 best-selling book in the country. We'll see if we can add a bullet to that over the coming weeks!

More important news: Curt and Jeff will be special guests at the 2nd Annual Baltimore KISS Expo at the Pikesville Hilton on Sunday, October 13. They will be doing a Q & A session regarding KISS Alive Forever, and will be debuting a 35 minute promotional film to help promote the book. The authors will be selling and autographing copies of the book at their table, so be sure to stop by and say hello.

October 3, 2002

Foreign press gets into the act today when Curt Gooch does a live interview with YLE, a Finnish radio station.

Copies of KISS Alive Forever will again be available, this time at Keith Leroux's Indianapolis KISS Expo on October 6, 2002.

October 1, 2002

Today is the day! After seven long years of research, KISS Alive Forever: The Complete Touring History finally hits the shelves at bookstores nationwide.

Co-author Curt Gooch is Stanley Knox's guest on "The Morning Show" on KABZ-FM out of Little Rock.  The interview is scheduled for 8AM Central time.

September 25, 2002

Jeff Suhs is appearing on Skip Dixxon's show at 11AM this morning. Listeners in the Baltimore/Washington D.C. area can tune in to WOSC-FM to catch the interview.

Also, copies of KISS Alive Forever will be available this Sunday at the 5th Annual Cleveland KISS and Rock Collector's Expo at the Rollerworld Center in Parma, Ohio.

September 24, 2002

KISS Alive Forever co-author Jeff Suhs is making two radio appearances today. Listeners in the Canton, Ohio area can tune in to WRQK at 8:30AM for the Matt Spatz Show. Later in the day, Jeff will be doing an interview with Jack Roberts and Mike Horn of CNR (Cable News Radio) in Los Angeles. The show is syndicated, so check your local paper for broadcast times.

September 18, 2002

For all customers who pre-ordered autographed copies of the book: the books began to ship today and all orders are scheduled to be shipped by Wednesday, September 25. For those who placed bulk orders, the books should be delivered to us early next week and we will begin shipping them out as soon as we get them.

September 12, 2002

KISS Asylum: Starting today, KISS Asylum presents exclusive sneak previews of KISS Alive Forever, featuring photos and text from the book. Be sure to check back frequently for additional previews!

September 10, 2002

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September 9, 2002

KISS Asylum: KISS Alive Forever release date changed to October 1

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Blabbermouth: KISS book rush released due to overwhelming demand

KISS FAQ: KISS Alive Forever book update...

September 6, 2002

KISS Asylum: Be sure to stop by www.kissasylum.com on Monday, September 9 for a big announcement regarding KISS Alive Forever.

KISS Kollector: Check out the excerpt from the forthcoming issue of Joop van Pelt's outstanding KISS publication: "In the previous issue, the forthcoming book KISS Alive Forever was mentioned, and many of you probably have heard about this KISS 'concertology' project on the Internet already over the past few years. Judging by the glimpses the two authors, Jeff Suhs and Curt Gooch, have given me, I can tell you that this without any doubt will be the holy grail of KISS books."

September 5, 2002

Ink19: "Kiss Alive Forever is an absolute must for Kiss fans, as well as for anyone with a passing interest in one of the defining bands of live rock n' roll history...The authors take no event or assumed fact at face value, and through a series of first-hand interviews and close scrutiny of the matters at hand, the book presents a fresh and even often more entertaining version of what actually took place in Kiss' world. " more

September 3, 2002

AOR Europe: KISS Alive Forever - New Book

August 26, 2002

Eddie Trunk: Forthcoming Book Getting Rave Reviews

August 24, 2002

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August 20, 2002

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